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All work accomplished by our program is
possible only because of contributions
from those who believe in the value of
our mission.

he past 12-18 months will long be
remembered as the year of medical
emergencies. Just like people, dogs get
sick, injured, and otherwise become in
critical need of high-end medical care.
has had more than its share
ecently, and we are hoping that friends
of the program will be willing to a
with t
he health needs of these
remarkable dogs.

Please help us help the service
dogs to stay healthy!

Our ability to provide more service dogs
for families in need is directly dependent
on the private contributions from those
who consider the dogs' lifechanging
work important enough to help. The
photo-link to the right will take you to
DFA's online store where we are holding
a special emphasis by asking for YOUR
help with the enormous medical
expenses of this past year. Please
consider h
elping today.

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